Stemcord Maternity Seminar: DR Chin Shou King

Stemcord Maternity Seminar: DR Chin Shou King

Stemcord held their Maternity Seminar on 8 July 2017, and Dr Chin was there as a guest speaker to educate first-time parents on their baby’s oral health care.

The seminar educated newbie parents on the different ways in caring for their child from young, from bathing them correctly, to caring for their gums.

Dr Chin shared that effective oral care begins early, even before your baby’s first tooth erupts and should not be overlooked by parents and caregivers. It goes without saying that oral hygiene is hugely importantly. Dr Chin shared tips on how parents should lightly clean their baby’s teeth, gums to avoid tooth decay caused by the high sugar content in formula milk. It is important to protect your baby from the germs that cause tooth decay.

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