T32 Qualities and Standards

T32 Quality & Standards

At T32 Dental Group, you can expect quality service. Our team works cohesively to meet all the dental needs of our patients in a professional and caring manner. We are committed to upgrading ourselves by pursuing continuous education in our respective fields. We believe in providing the combination of scientifically proven techniques, skills, materials & equipment to achieve quality results.

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Sterilisation & Infection Control

We believe that providing a clean, safe environment is crucial for all patients. We have strict sterilisation and infection control standards and we are committed to meet and exceed the guidelines set by Singapore Dental Council and the Ministry of Health.


Continuous Upgrading & Education

Our integrated training centre, T32 Dental Academy, is recognised by MOH to provide training courses for dentists in Singapore and regionally. We have a team of trained specialists and dental surgeons with experience in every field of dentistry. Our dentists attend monthly training to upgrade their skills, knowledge and expertise to better serve their patients.

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Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is one of the most important new advances that dentistry has seen in quite some time. Digital radiography systems reduce radiation exposure for patients by up to 80% compared to film-based systems. Unlike film, digital x-ray images can be enhanced to assist in making an accurate diagnosis. All patients considering implants have a CT-Scan taken. This is a recognised standard of care in implants today. All our centres are equipped with CT-Scans. We also utilise computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology to enhance the speed and creation of dental restorations.

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Trusted Brands

Besides providing skilled expertise and advanced dental technology, we use quality and reliable dental materials and parts to achieve desired results. We work with reputable and international brands to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

For your peace of mind, we maintain the quality standards when it comes to our equipment and tools that we use on our patients.


In-House Dental Laboratory

Patients having dentures, crowns & bridges and veneers can benefit from our own in-house laboratory and trained dental technicians.We ensure the quality of the products that our patients receive, thus ensuring comfort and long term satisfaction of our patients.