T32 Dental Centre

Introduction to T32 Dental Centre

T32 Dental Centre is a one-stop destination catered to your dental needs. Our objectives are to achieve quality care with accurate diagnosis, efficient treatment and comprehensive maintenance, all conveniently located at our centre.

Supported by a group of experienced dentists and specialists from all walks of discipline – e.g. prosthodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, etc. Our dental team works cohesively to meet all the dental needs of our patients in a professional and caring manner.

We dedicate ourselves to providing a level of service through quality dental expertise, technology and dental services. Our patients can be assured of quality and comprehensive preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care in a personalised and comfortable environment.

Our Locations

T32 Dental Centre @ Camden Medical Centre

The centre occupies the penthouse of Camden Medical Centre which covers an impressive area of 11,500 sq. ft., making it one of the largest integrated private dental centres in Singapore. Outfitted with equipment that combines high precision technology and design solutions, our facility also encompasses an in-house dental laboratory and a research and training centre.

Designed with patients in mind. It features low counter tops, a designer-styled clinic environment and advanced facilities which offers refreshments and entertainment for both our patients and their families. These are just some of the features that accentuate patient-centric care.

Developed with a significant emphasis on technology to improve patients’ outcomes. The centre has been set up as a wireless enterprise where x-rays are taken digitally and transferred to treatment rooms in seconds. Our dental surgeons and specialists work with technology such as Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and CT scan. These tools help improve the predictability of outcomes, promote safer dental restorations and turnaround time is significantly decreased.

T32 Dental Centre @ Financial District

T32's second flagship one-stop dental centre opened in the Central Business District in CapitaGreen Tower on September 2015. The specialist centre is established primarily to provide quality dentistry care to busy working executives at their convenience.

For the busy executive, the centre offers a comprehensive range of dental services and fitted with state-of-the art technology, CEREC, microscopic surgery, etc. that allows the deployment of digital dentistry to shorten waiting time for patients. In addition, T32 is teaming up with a medical partner to create a symbiotic partnership that further enhances the centre’s offerings as a one-stop hub for patient’s healthcare needs.

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