T32 Technology & Facilities

Comprehensive Dental Services, Comfort and Convenience

Professional High Tech Dental Centres

The T32 Dental Centres are one of the largest integrated private dental centres in Singapore providing services from basic dental care to handling complex dental concerns which require specialist attention. The main centre located at Camden Medical Centre occupies the penthouse of which covers an area of 11,500 sq ft.

No effort is spared during the development of the centres in their aesthetic aspects to bring to patients relaxation, comfort and peace of mind; while combining significant emphasis on technology.

Convenient Heartland Dental Centres

The T32 Dental Pearls are extensions of the dental centre to provide high quality dentistry and technology at convenient locations. The Pearls are created and designed to provide a full-range of dental services with support from the main centres and other entities under the T32 brand.

Comprehensive Facilities

Full Range of Dental Facilities

Within our serene, 11,500 square feet space is a comprehensive range of facilities that enhance our service delivery to every patient. We are dedicated to creating a positive dental experience by providing comprehensive preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care in a personalised and comfortable environment.

Not a Typical Dentist Clinic Setup

Based on the principle that dental patients should visit the dentist on a proactive basis rather than as a reactive measure, T32 has developed its dental centre with aesthetics and relaxation in mind. It features low counter tops, a designer-styled clinic environment and lifestyle facilities which offer refreshments and entertainment for all visitors.

Complete Dental Care Centre

As a complete dental care centre in Singapore patients have access to our technology and facilities that include 18 dental operatories, operating theatres, consultation rooms, a fully equipped dental laboratory, a digital computer tomography (CT) scanning room as well as a spacious lounge for patients and their families.

Innovative Dental Technology

High Tech Wireless Enterprise

T32 Dental Centre has been developed with a significant emphasis on technology. The Centre has been set up as a completely wireless enterprise – x-rays are taken digitally in x-ray rooms and transferred to treatment rooms. Our dental surgeons work with technology such as Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing and CT Scan.

Leveraging on Technologies for Minimal Risks

These tools comprehensively identify dental concerns by providing a 360-degree understanding of a patient’s dental needs to both dentists and patients, thus minimising the potential for human error.

In-house Dental Laboratory

Creative Dental Studio

In line with our purpose to provide excellence in dentistry, the Creative Dental Studio (International) was set up not only to reduce on the wait time between treatment for our patients who require prosthesis, the presence of an in-house dental laboratory allows us to control the quality of dental prosthesis, crowns, bridges and veneers produced.

Customised Unique Prosthesis

Our in-house dental ceramists can customise unique prosthesis to fit our patient’s age, gender, facial features and characteristics. Each individual prosthesis is carefully crafted to provide patients with the ultimate aesthetic and natural results.

T32's dental ceramists take great effort because we believe excellent aesthetic dentistry is a combination of precision dentistry with artistry. As such, at T32 Dental Centre, our restorative dentists and ceramists do not endorse same day ceramic crowns which typically look very ordinary and unaesthetic.

Quality Restorations

Although the studio was initially intended to cater to our own pool of patients, but over time we started to receive requests from our dental partners who recognise that we do not outsource or take shortcuts to produce quality restorations.

Our combination of technology and continuous training in the latest techniques plays a large role in the quality of the restoration we produce. We aim to add value to our partners’ dental practices to help them succeed with their own patients.