T32 Junior

Dedicated Pediatric Dentistry

T32 Junior is a dedicated pediatric department set up by T32 Dental Group, focusing on the dental care needs of children.

T32 Junior aims to create an educational and comfortable environment for every child who visits. The elimination of fear and anxiety encourages children to visit the dentist regularly and inculcate good dental habits that they will eventually bring into adulthood. At T32, we also created our own T32 Junior Oral Health Programme, designed to nurture the concept of good oral health to young pre-schoolers in a fun and structured delivery.

T32 Junior Facilities

Our dedicated ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ treatment rooms with ceiling TV monitors and wireless headphones has been purposefully designed. We want our children to feel at ease with the environment to facilitate treatment.

One of our rooms is also equipped with a CCTV camera for parents to observe their kids during treatment on a TV monitor from the outside.

In addition, we have put in place an entertainment area with a good selection of kids’ centric movies and games. The area is also decked out with Kinect for Xbox 360 gaming and 32” LED TV monitors for crystal clear viewing.

T32 Junior Dental Services:

  • 6 monthly check-ups and prophylaxis
  • Diet counselling and preventive advice
  • Oral hygiene instructions for parents and children
  • Preventive sealants in caries prone children
  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Extractions
  • Orthodontic interceptive treatment if needed
  • Simple orthodontic appliances

Check out our Children Dentistry page for more information on our children dental care services.