T32 Junior Oral Health Programme

Nurturing Dental Health right from the start

As corporate citizen, we believe in supporting the community and nurturing the next generation through our T32 Junior Oral Health Programme, which is targeted at educating pre-schoolers on the importance of dental health. We regularly conduct school excursions and orientations for pre-schoolers to visit our centres to get them comfortable with a dental health environment.

T32 Junior Oral Health Programme Activities

Children's Excursion to T32 Junior Centre

Excursion to T32 Junior Centre

  • Introduction to dentist and dental clinic
  • Understanding of tools used during treatment
  • Elimination of fears by trying out on dental equipment and tools
Dentist teaching young children about a teeth

Show and Tell

  • Storytelling related to dentistry (The Healthy Smile Series written by T32 Junior Dental Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry Dr Lim Swee Teck)
  • Right brushing techniques
  • Quiz with prizes to recap on what has been taught
Dental Screening for Kids in T32 Junior Dental Clinic

Dental Screening

  • Dental screening via appointment with doctors to review child’s oral health
  • Oral hygiene instructions for parents
  • Q&A
T32 Junior The Healthy Smile Series Vol 1

The Healthy Smile Series (By Dr Lim Swee Teck and Mascot Timmy)

Authored by T32’s in-house pedodontist, Dr Lim Swee Teck, The Healthy Smile Series is a set of 12 books that aims to prepare children for their dental visits. The first book of the series, is especially enlightening as it helps ease children into their very first dental experience in a positive light. Lively and educational, these stories not only help children acquire good oral health habits, it also helps to build their confidence and eliminate their fear of seeing dentists and going for dental treatment.

From this series, Timmy the Mascot is created to further engage children during our roadshows and events for kids.

Parent Talks for Kids Dental Care

Parent Talk

  • Parents are important members of their child’s healthcare team: what are the causes and effects of their action.
  • The key to good oral health
  • Communication + understanding to motivate
  • Common scenarios in homes
  • Why is eating sweets such a big problem? How should parents handle it?
  • Prevention is the key: A happy child makes a happy family

Interested in T32 Junior Oral Health Programme?

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