T32 Dental Pearl

T32 Dental Pearl

Expertise & Quality at Your Convenience

We are expanding our network of clinics with the purpose of bringing high level expertise and technology closer to our clients across the island. The same quality of treatment from our main centre coupled with convenience is our promise at T32 Dental Pearl.

We are a team of highly trained dental professionals and staff who are committed to delivering the highest level of dental services in a comfortable and safe environment.

We provide a full range of dental services using advanced dental technology. We would tailor an outcome suitable for your dental health after assessing your individual dental needs.

Our support from the Specialist team in T32 Dental Centre is crucial for your complete dental care.

Our Locations


T32 Dental Pearl @ Bedok


T32 Dental Pearl @ Clementi


T32 Dental Pearl @ Jcube


T32 Dental Pearl @ Marina