Multi-Specialty & Complex Dentistry

Multi-Specialty & Complex Dentistry

T32 Dental Group has helped many patients improve oral health, fight dental diseases, and help achieve healthy and beautiful smiles they deserve. We manage complex treatment plans involving multiple specialty care. We manage complex treatment plans which often involves the coordination with multiple dental specialists. Restoring a mouth involves a process similar to remodeling a home. We assess and diagnose your current health and condition. After which, we will discuss your treatment options and desired results and recruit the appropriate dental specialists as needed to assist in your treatment plan.

Dental Specialists go through additional years of specialised training beyond dental school.

Prosthodontist a.k.a Restorative Dentist

Reshape and restore teeth, restore dental implants, crowns and dental bridges, veneers and dentures.


Diagnose, treat and manage gum diseases, surgically alter gum levels, graft gum recessions and place and maintain dental implants.

Orthodontist a.k.a The Braces Specialist

Straightening of teeth and altering their positions by moving teeth and gum levels.


Performs root canal treatment, diagnose and treat tooth pain.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Extracts teeth, place dental implants and performs facial surgery.

Paediatric Dentist a.k.a The Children Dentist

Deals with the teeth and mouth conditions of children.