South-East Asia’s Largest Multi-Disciplinary Dental Centre Established in Singapore

Inside of a T32 Dental Centre Branch

T32 Dental Centre to revolutionalise dental industry in Singapore

Singapore – November 2007 – A commitment to revolutionise the approach to dentistry in Singapore has united some of the brightest minds and most talented dentists from various clinics and focus areas to form the first all-in-one complete dental centre in Singapore. The T32 Dental Centre located at the top of Camden Medical Centre opened its doors to customers on October 1, 2007.

Covering an impressive area of 11,500 sq ft. T32 Dental Centre is the largest all-in-one dental centre in South-East-Asia. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, lab facilities and a research centre, T32 Dental Centre is set to raise the standards of dental care in Singapore.

Led by Dr Wong Keng Mun, formerly of T32 Dental Clinic in Paragon where his primary focus was aesthetic and restorative dentistry, the new Dental Centre promises a wider range of disciplines, and direct access to sophisticated imaging and laboratory facilities.

“T32 Dental Centre is a facility where we will achieve a series for ‘firsts’ in Singapore including the first to have an end-to-end offering under one roof. At our facility, all our customers’ dentistry needs can be managed to the high standards that they have been used to. We expect to set industry benchmarks, with groundbreaking technology and eight star dental facilities at T32 Dental Centre” said Dr. Wong Keng Mun, Director, T32 Dental Centre.

As the first all-in-one complete dental facility in Singapore, T32 Dental Centre will boast 14 fully-furnished treatment rooms and an operating theatre housed within its premises, with experienced dentists from eight disciplines to serve the clinic. Focus areas of the centre will include Prosthodontics; Orthodontics; Endodontics; Periodontics; Pedodontics; Oral Maxillo-facial surgery; TMD and Orofacial Pain and Family Dentistry.

With a strong focus on technology, T32 Dental Centre will also be the first independent guided-implant centre in Singapore to facilitate full in-house CT scan capabilities (Picasso Master) with industry leading software. With a focus on groundbreaking technology, the new centre will also be one of the first to utilise high technology software including CAD / CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology to comprehensively identify dental concerns by providing a 360-degree understanding of patient’s dental needs to both dentists and patients, whilst minimising the potential for human error. In addition, T32 Dental Centre is the first dental centre in Singapore to have a Nobel Biocare Procera® Forte scanner, which uses a special computer-aided design system to create solutions that are customised for each patient

With its own commercial lab within its premises, the clinic aims to cut waiting time for both dentists and patients, while providing a convenient base for implant research.

In addition to offering experienced dentists in wide-ranging disciplines, state of the art technology and the convenience of an onsite laboratory and scanning facilities, T32 Dental Centre will also be expecting to make its mark with younger dentists, given the centre’s clear focus on training and education, and its establishment of the International Dental Academy (IDA) which will be housed onsite.

According to Dr Wong, who also heads the IDA, “We believe there is a potential to provide young dentists with greater exposure to new dental techniques, using the most sophisticated equipment available. Our comprehensive programmes are targeted at dentists of all ages and experience levels, and feature lectures and hands-on training sessions on a range of techniques while staying up to date with advances in the industry.” The lectures, presentations and ‘live’ surgical demonstrations, will be conducted in a fully-equipped auditorium within T32 Dental Centre.

In line with the vision to nurture dentist professionals, the International Dental Academy also offers an internship programme. Local and international dentists can attach themselves to IDA for their continuing dental education.

To complete its offering, T32 Dental Centre also aims to set new standards in service. “We understand that we cannot just have a good location, some of the most experienced doctors and the latest technology. It is also crucial to provide our customers with a premium level of service. T32 Dental Centre is committed to provide patients and their families with dental care worthy of an eight-star ranking, and in so doing, to set yet another benchmark for the industry. The ‘eight stars’ of T32 Dental Centre are Competency, Completeness, Convenience, Care, Competitiveness, Carefulness, Class, and Choice,” said Dr. Wong.

In addition, the centre promises to go well beyond the usual services offered by dentists here, to provide patients with an end to end experience which is entirely hassle-free and pleasant overall. Upon arrival, patients are invited to relax in a reception bar where they can enjoy refreshments and a relaxing view of the city, whilst there is a concierge service which will seek to address the patient’s needs.

Patients at T32 can also enjoy entertainment including music and movies, so that those who are uncomfortable with the sound of dental work, such as drilling, can be at ease.

“There is a perception that people are scared of dentists and the equipment used, especially the drill. We have designed T32 Dental Centre to counter this as far as possible, and we hope that with our location, modern and stylish set up, service, entertainment and of course our dentists at T32 Dental Centre, customers will proactively visit their dentist rather than waiting until they have problems,” said Dr. Wong.

After two years of running the T32 Dental Clinic in Paragon, Dr Wong Keng Mun is joined by some of the brightest minds within the dental industry including Dr. Bruce Lee, Dr. Rudy Shahan, Dr. David Tay, Dr. Peter Tay, and Dr. VicPearly Wong.

T32 Dental Centre and The International Dental Academy is located at the penthouse of Camden Medical Centre. To make an appointment, call (65) 6733 1388.