Singapore-China Union to Create Largest Dental Network in Asia

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Leading Singapore dental solutions providerT32 Dental Centre join hands with China’s leading Arrail Dental Group to create unique strategic partnership

Singapore, April 2010 – T32, one of Singapore’s largest all-in-one private dental centre and Arrail Dental Group, one of the largest private dental groups in China, today announced a strategic partnership that will create a union of dental leadership across Asia Pacific.

The collaboration between the two parties is the first of its kind for dentistry in Asia and promises to offer patients the best technology, services, value and specialisation through the cross-sharing of expertise, training and resources.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with such a well-established and respected dental group such as Arrail,” said Dr Keng Mun Wong, Managing Director of T32 Dental Centre and Chairman of the International Dental Academy.

“This is a first of its kind partnership in Asia, and we are very excited to be in the forefront to bring the best services, value and overall peace of mind to our customers wherever in Asia they may be. The combination of quality service and extensive reach is an extra benefit we want to deliver. We have even established a dental Internet portal for the consultation of cases that allow T32 and Arrail to share expertise and experience to offer the best level of dental services regardless of location.”

Mr Robert Zou, president and chief executive officer of Arrail Dental Group China, added, “We are extremely excited at the prospect of partnering with T32, we feel this collaboration will offer benefits to both dentists and patients across China and Singapore.

The partnership also benefits dentists as Arrail dental staff will be able to train through T32’s International Dental Academy (IDA) faculty, while utilising Arrail facilities as a platform to conduct advanced continuing dental education throughout China. An exchange program will also be established for those dentists wishing to visit partner dental clinics, in line with the government’s proposed Dental Accreditation Scheme to further establish Singapore as a dental training hub for professionals across Asia.

“The field of dentistry is constantly evolving and advancing. It is therefore extremely important to stay abreast of new techniques and technology, to ensure you are able to offer your patients the best possible care available. By collaborating with T32, Arrail will be able to receive the most up-to-date training and more importantly, a two-way exchange of experience, expertise and ideas will be opened between T32 and Arrail,” said Mr Zou.

A/Prof Patrick Tseng, Chief Dental Officer for The Ministry of Health adds; “At The Ministry of Health we are continually looking to advance the state of dental health and care in Singapore, which I feel relies on our ability to provide quality dental care that is readily accessible and affordable. The collaboration between T32 Dental Centre and Arrail Dental Group is definitely a step in the right direction. Forging strong relationships and sharing expertise and resources will strengthen Singapore’s position as a dental training hub and expose more patients to the best technology, services and benefits of specialisation”.

Singapore, China and Asia as a whole has experienced strong economic growth since the 1960s, which has in turn, improved living standards across the region. Combined with an increasingly ageing population, rising disposable income, increased awareness for oral health and the significant increases in sugar consumption that accompanies a rise in GDP, Asia is experiencing a considerable increase in the demand for comprehensive, cutting edge dental care.

“At T32 we realise the need to cater to the overall growing demand for dental healthcare across Asia. It is for this reason that we have established the International Dental Academy. Through our training academy we hope to share our expertise and knowledge over and beyond Singapore. Asia is fast becoming a strong medical and dental hub and we at T32 hope to contribute to this growing capability” said Dr Wong.

About T32 Dental Centre
T32 is one of Singapore’s largest all-in-one private dental centre and has been based at Camden Medical Centre since 2007.

As one of the largest, complete dental care centres in Singapore and Southeast Asia, T32 facilities include: 12 dental operatories, two operating theatres, consultation rooms, fully equipped dental laboratory, digital computer tomography (CT) scanning room, spacious lounge for adults and children.

At present, T32 has 27 auxiliaries, 2 lab technicians, 13 dentists and is open Monday – Friday:

9:00am – 6:00pm and Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm.

About Arrail Dental Group
Affiliated with university of Pennsylvania school of Dental Medicine (UPSDM), Arrail Dental, a pioneer in China’s private dental service market, was founded in 1998 and opened its first clinic in Beijing April 1999. Since the very beginning, Arrail Dental has had a clear mission, which is to provide its customers with high quality dental services at a reasonable price; to establish the largest dental service network in China; to offer an opportunity for its associates to fully develop their potential. Currently Arrail Dental has 11 clinics with 118 treatment suites in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen with more than 110 dentists.