International Dental Academy officially opened by T32 Dental Centre, with promise to raise the standard of dentistry in Singapore

Photo of the International Dental Academy

SINGAPORE April 5, 2008 – T32 Dental Centre, run by Dr. Wong Keng Mun and associates today announced the official opening of the International Dental Academy (IDA) in Singapore, a private dental teaching facility that aims to raise the standards of dentistry in Singapore and around the region.

Based on the theory that there is only so much theory a dentist can learn in a classroom, the IDA has been set up with the purpose of providing dentists from around the region an opportunity to develop their skills in a real environment.

“Dentists from all over the region regardless of their background and experience levels feel that there is always something new to learn. They are always looking for new ways to develop their skills, and ways to leverage new technology. The IDA provides dentists with the opportunity to do this and more” said Dr. Wong Keng Mun, Director, International Dental Academy.

With the recent implementation of the dental specialist register and compulsory continuing professional education, which requires dentists to continuously engage in education in order to practice specialist disciplines in dentistry, the International Dental Academy provides a valuable platform for dentists aiming to develop their skills. The IDA also offers the opportunity and exposure to some of the best dental specialists from around the region who teach at the academy.

“Many dentists from around the world come to IDA to impart their knowledge, experience and skills to their fellow dentists. This provides a great opportunity to share best practices and raise the bar within the field of dentistry in the region”, noted Dr. Wong.

Since its soft launch in October 2007, the International Dental Academy has seen over 250 dentists from countries all over the region participate in its courses, lectures and practical training sessions. The International Dental Academy hosts up to 15 courses on various topics including Aesthetic, Implant and Restorative dentistry using Procera CAD / CAM technology, and teeth in an hour. Dentists have the option of signing up for individual courses or taking up the one-year programme where they will be invited to use the technology and facilities of T32 Dental Centre on a weekly basis to treat patients and further develop specialist skills. Dentists around the region can monitor courses at the IDA website at

The official opening of the International Dental Academy is also good news for consumers as well as it not only aims to improve the standards of dentistry in Singapore and the region, but also provides patients with a more affordable option for treatment.

“Patients at the IDA will have full access to the state of the art dental and entertainment facilities at T32 Dental Centre, including the CBCT Master, and Procera CAD / CAM technology, but will be charged reduced rates / approximately 30-40% percent less then they would have to pay at a private town practice,” said Dr. Wong.

The International Dental Academy is located within the T32 Dental Centre on top of the Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard.