Photo of Dr. CHEW Teck Hong

Dr. CHEW Teck Hong

Dental Surgeon
BDS (Singapore), DGDP RCS (UK)

Graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1988, Dr Chew has always been interested in all aspects of Dentistry. From the young child to the elderly, their dietary and nutritional needs as well as their ability to care for their oral health has always been his priority. The motto of ‘discharging a patient from my care after they are well enough and able to, in turn, care for themselves’ has always been his goal.

As part from his clinical duty as a physician in caring for his patients, Dr Chew is concerned with their psychological aspects of restoring their ability to eat, speak and smile. For it is in their ability to perform these simple tasks that makes a person happy and life worth living, Dr Chew strives to play a small part in the well-being of the people in his care.

As a primary health care provider, Dr Chew has special interests in Cosmetic and Children’s Dentistry, Facial & TMJ pain relief and teeth restoration through Endodontics, Implantology and Prosthodontics. He is also currently involved in the early detection of Sleep Apnoea in children and adults.

Beyond Dentistry, Dr Chew is an avid foodie and a naturalist who balances gluttony with treks through various nature parks in Singapore and beyond. Having ascended Mount Kinabalu in 2010 to appreciate the wonders of nature and its beauty, Dr Chew long realised that we need to play a more active role in reducing waste and carbon footprint so as to preserve what is left for our future generations.

Dr Chew practises only at T32 Dental Centre at Financial District.