4 Things You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

a woman smiling her braced teeth and holding a cup

Is whitening safe? Does whitening damage my tooth?
Whitening is recognised as one of the safest and least invasive aesthetic dental procedure available. There is no evidence that whitening causes any damage to the teeth. It does not cause your teeth to become weaker or make them more susceptible to cavities.

How long can the effects of whitening last? How can I maintain the lighter shade?
The length of time which the effects of whitening lasts varies greatly. It depends on several factors such as:

  • the initial shade of the teeth
  • age
  • lifestyle factors such as whether the patient smokes etc.

It is usually recommended to patients that a set of whitening trays can be made so that maintenance can be done at home.

In addition, when in-office whitening is done, it is important to avoid any food and beverages that can stain the teeth during the next 24 hours. Examples include red wine, coffee and other coloured foods.

Is the whitening procedure uncomfortable?
Most patients do not experience any discomfort at all. However, there may be mild sensitivity for some patients when an in-office whitening procedure is carried out. This is usually very mild and is temporary.

Is whitening suitable for everyone?
Whitening may not be suitable for everyone. Not all instances of teeth discolouration can be corrected with whitening. In addition, there may be existing conditions that need to be treated before whitening can be done. One good example will be when a patient is suffering from severe gum disease, whitening should be delayed until after the disease is controlled.