Caring For Your Child’s Teeth In 3 Simple Ways

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While education on good oral hygiene is often overlooked, it is essential to maintaining your child’s healthy teeth, and their overall health.

Here are 3 simple ways to care for your child’s teeth.

1. Control your child’s sweet tooth

According to Colgate, a world-renowned oral hygiene company, harmful bacteria, which reside in your child’s teeth feed on excess sugar and produce acids. These acids destroy the protective coating of the teeth known as the tooth enamel. Saliva helps to neutralise the acids produced and minimise the damage done to your child’s teeth. It is secreted in large quantities during meal times, and in lesser quantities when you’re not eating. When your child consumes sweets or sugary drinks throughout the day, the protection of saliva is limited as the acids produced by the bacteria vastly outweigh the volume of saliva secreted. Limiting the amount of sugar that your child consumes will drastically reduce the rate of tooth decay!

2. Form a healthy oral hygiene from young

Prevention is easier than finding a cure. It is never too early for your child to care for their teeth. By helping your child form an oral hygiene routine early, it will pay off with a healthy set of gums and teeth when he or she is older. Furthermore, WebMD, a trusted physician information site, has found that a healthy mouth correlates to a healthy body.

Besides the obvious health benefits, a healthy set of gums and teeth also boosts your child’s self-esteem and confidence. This is especially crucial in your child’s formative years as this can have an impact on their personality development and traits.

3. Regular trips to the dentist

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine is not enough. Regular visits to the dentist will tell you how well your child is maintaining his or her oral health. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Dentists are also better equipped to provide early diagnosis of oral diseases and suggest treatments to curb it before the situation worsens. If your child has problems with plaque, a visit to the dentist can also prove to be helpful with thorough cleaning of his or her teeth.

Regular dental visits are essentially the holy grail to the healthiest mouth!

With these tips in mind, you are now more well-equipped to ensure that your child can move towards having healthier oral health!


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