5 Tips For Your Child To Enjoy Their Dental Visit!

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Many parents dread the day they have to bring their child in for their first dental visit. If your child is due for his/her first dental visit, we’re here to help you make the first visit a fuss-free and tear-free one!

Here are 5 tips on how to help your child overcome their fear of seeing a dentist.

1) Always prepare your children before their first dental visit

The first dental visit is very important to a child. More often than not, they will carry their first experience till adulthood and it will be hard to change their mindset. Parents could consider doing a ‘trial’ dental appointment at home, using a toothbrush and show them what the dentist might get them to do during the visit. This will allow them to get used to someone looking into their mouth.

2) Be positive and chose your words carefully when describing their dental visit

Children are extremely smart and inquisitive. Try to keep your explanation about their dental visit as factual as possible. Avoid any words that have a negative meaning, such as ‘pain’ or ‘hurt’ or even saying ‘everything will be fine after your appointment.’ Parents can tell their child that the dentist will count the number of teeth they have and he’ll clean all the bugs in their teeth from all the candy eating.

3) Start a good dental routine at home

Try to introduce the habit of cleaning their teeth at home. By brushing and flossing their teeth at home daily, parents are inculcating a good dental habit from young. For younger children, if they want to brush on their own, don’t stop them from doing so. Just remember to brush and floss one more time after they are done to ensure that all surfaces of their teeth are cleaned.

4) Not every dentist is suitable for your child

Many parents might just bring their child to the dental clinic they are seeing at the moment. But being in an adult dental environment might not do well for your child. Always try to go to a Pediatric Dentist or at least a dentist who has experienced in handling children. They know how to handle a child’s first dental visit and the right words to say to allow your child to feel comfortable during their dental appointment.

5) Choose the right dental clinic for your child

The dental clinic environment also plays a part as well. At T32 Junior, we have a dedicated area just for the children to play games or watch a movie before their turn with the dentist. This will allow them to feel comfortable before their appointment. There is a TV in every dental room, so they will be distracted with their favourite movie while the dentist does the cleaning of their teeth.