When to Visit the Dentist: 5 Important Signs to Visit The Dentist

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Many of us may be afraid to visit the dentist, as there is an association of pain during a dentist visit. However, it is highly recommended to make a trip to the dentist every 6 months.

Regular dental check-ups will not only improve your teeth appearance but your health as well. With professional cleaning, you can remove stubborn tartar and plague on your teeth that is otherwise difficult to do so with a toothbrush. Your dentist will also do a check-up to make sure that your teeth is healthy.

So other than regular dental check-ups, when should you make a visit to the dentist?

T32 Dental presents on the signs to tell when you should visit the dentist:

  1. You have crooked teeth.

    crooked teeth

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    If you have been suffering from crooked teeth all your life, it’s time to get some braces! Braces help you to align your teeth over time by applying constant pressure on your teeth, to pull it into the desired position. With some effort and consistency (with retainers), you’ll be able to achieve that perfect smile! For those who are concerned about their appearance while wearing braces, there are alternative types of braces that are less noticeable, i.e. invisible braces.

  2. Your teeth are turning yellow.

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    This means that plaque is building up on your teeth! Plaque is a sticky substance formed from leftover food particles and saliva, as well as bacteria mixed in your mouth. After meals, food particles could get trapped in your teeth and the bacteria that reside around your teeth will feast on it. It produces acids that damage the coating of your teeth. In this scenario, prolonged damaging of your teeth’s coating can lead to holes being formed, also known as cavities. By going for regular dental check-ups, your dentist can help you remove the plaque build-up on your teeth.

  3. You broke or chipped your tooth.

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    This is an immediate problem that requires immediate attention. A broken/chipped tooth can affect you in several ways. Firstly, your ability to chew may be affected. Secondly, it is not aesthetically pleasing, as it is very noticeable when you smile. Lastly, internal bleeding in your gum may occur. This is one of the few situations where there is an urgency to visit the dentist. By seeking treatment quickly, instead of extracting the tooth, the chances of saving your tooth will be higher.

  4. Your gum is swelling up and turning red.

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    If you notice that your gum is redder and more swollen than usual, this could be a sign of inflammation. Inflammation is likely caused by gum disease, which is caused by an extensive buildup of plaque around your teeth such that it invades the gum as well. You may have persistent bad breath or have a bad taste in your mouth, and bleeding of the gums could also occur. However, fret not as it is treatable and can be prevented by going to the dentist regularly for cleaning and check-up, which leads us to the next point.

  5. Ensure Your Dental Hygiene Practices are Paying Off by Making a Visit to The Dentist

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    So, you have been brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day. However, you are unsure if your gum and teeth are in tip-top condition. Well, a trip to the dentist would save you the pondering! A dentist would be able to let you know the state of your gum and teeth, as well as providing guidance and insights into the available treatments if it happens that your dental condition is not at its prime.


So there you have it, 5 signs to know that it’s decision time for you to see the tooth fairy. We hope that this article has been informative enough to help you find out when you should visit the dentist.

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