5 Factors To Consider When Selecting Cosmetic Dentist

A woman smiling with her teeth
  • Do not rush into any treatment
    Most cosmetic treatment are elective procedures and are not emergencies. Therefore, you should not feel rushed or pressured into any treatment. It helps to understand the benefits and limitations of any treatment that the patients are considering. If in doubt, it is always advisable to seek a second opinion before deciding on any treatment. Before accepting any treatment recommendation, a patient should be clear as to why the treatment is needed, the risks and alternatives present. A patient should also be clear about the outcome if they decide not to proceed with the recommendations.
  • Price should not be the only determining factor
    Factors that influence treatment fees include the cost in using quality materials, the dental technology employed, commitment towards continuous education, and the credentials of the dentists and staff. Patients can however be assured that the care and attention to details provided by theT32 team will remain as a constant throughout our patient’s journey with us.
  • Post graduate aesthetic dentistry training
    To deliver successful aesthetic dental treatment at the highest level, the selection of our dentists are based on basic requirements such as:

    • technical skill
    • an artistic eye
    • post-graduate training in aesthetic dentistry

    It is important that the dentist selected continually updates himself on the latest in aesthetic dentistry with hands-on courses or lectures, as the field of aesthetic dentistry changes rapidly.

  • Patients should review photos of work performed by the dentist
    Patients are advised to look at photos of the work done by their attending dentists. Do be careful of commercially available photos and albums that show the possible end results of cosmetic dentistry or other dental works. Confirm that the actual work for the dentist being considered is viewed and make sure that the before photos are similar cases on the procedure recommended.
  • Myth about Ceramic Veneers/Crowns vs Natural Teeth
    You will look most pleasing aesthetically when all of your natural teeth are intact. Never believe that crowns or veneers are better looking than natural teeth. However, if teeth are broken down, worn or badly stained, then the consideration of crowns or veneers is justified. NEVER cut good teeth down for artificial crowns or veneers.