For Kids

For Kids

T32 Dental Centre is one of the few dental centres in Singapore with a dedicated department put together with kids in mind.

Here we recognise that for adults, visiting the dentist twice a year can already be a daunting affair. Therefore, one could imagine if it is so for adults, how much more will it take for parents to convince their kids to go to the dentist willingly without the drama.

T32 Junior’s aims to create an educational and comfortable environment for every child who visits. The elimination of fear and anxiety encourages children to visit the dentist regularly and inculcate good dental habits that they will eventually bring into adulthood.


Our dedicated ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ treatment rooms with ceiling TV monitors and wireless headphones has been purposefully designed. We want our children to feel at ease with the environment to facilitate treatment.

One of our rooms is also equipped with a CCTV camera for parents to observe their kids during treatment on a TV monitor from the outside.

In addition, we have put in place an entertainment area with a good selection of kids’ centric movies and games. The area is also decked out with Kinect for Xbox 360 gaming and 32” LED TV monitors for crystal clear viewing.

T32 Junior Dental Services:

First Visit To The Dentist: First Appointment Procedure

The child’s first visit to the dentist is the most important. The motivation and help that the child receives during this visit will help him enjoy, understand and accept dental care. Time taken to introduce the child in a fun way to the dental chair and equipment used during care helps to remove fear and apprehension so as to help him settle in for treatment.

Diet Counselling And Preventive Advice

Parents are important members of the child’s dental health team; responsible in helping their child to achieve and sustain good oral health care habits. Parents are enlightened on how and what to do to explain, motivate and help the child in his daily diet.

Early Childhood Caries (ECC) Caused By Milk Feeds

For infants under 2 years of age, knowledge of ECC-rampant decay caused by milk from breast feeding or bottle feeding are essential to avoiding future problems and expensive treatment that will arise. Knowing how and what to do after a milk feed will help to avoid these problems.

Oral Hygiene Instructions For Both Parents And Child

Parents are taught how to get the message across to the child in fun and simple ways designed to motivate and help the child maintain his oral health.

Growth And Development

Dealing with children involves knowledge of growth and development in a child’s jaws, teeth and face. As a child grows, these body parts are also in an active state of growth. A paediatric dentist will therefore be able to professionally address on issues related to your growing child’s oral health. Some of the common issues a paediatric dentist will be able to point out include advise on the removal of baby teeth that are blocking the erupting permanent teeth, or the elimination of common habits like thumb sucking. Early detection, care and prevention will help to relieve the child and parents of future problems if the current ones at hand are not solved.

Prophylaxis And Topical Fluoride Application

A dental prophylaxis is a procedure which thoroughly cleans the teeth. This action of cleaning halts the progression of dental diseases and gingivitis. Cleaning and polishing the teeth with a special paste and then applying a protective coat of fluoride gel thereafter, are essential to maintaining optimal oral health when your child visits the dentist every 6 months. Fluoride gel strengthens the teeth against decay and bacteria.

Fissure Sealants

This is a preventive measure where the grooves on the surface of the permanent molars are sealed or blocked off to prevent food trap and cavities. This is especially necessary for teeth in children that have deep grooves and for those who are prone to decay for unknown reasons.

PULPAL (Nerve) Treatment In Children

Children’s teeth tend to be more prone to nerve infection when a cavity occurs, as they are structurally thinner, with larger pulps. The pulp contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels which carries nutrients and oxygen to the tooth. When the pulp is injured, or infected, the tooth is now saved through pulpal treatment instead of extraction as there is a need to retain and preserve the space for the developing permanent successor. Early loss of teeth can lead to crowded or crooked smiles in future, leading to further intervention.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Materials that are free from metals and mercury are now available to fill children’s teeth. As they are tooth coloured, your child can smile without unsightly silver patches showing in the mouth.

Stainless Steel (SS) Crowns

These are prefabricated crowns made from stainless steel for children’s teeth that are too broken down for a normal filling.


Proper techniques are employed to aid in the child’s to receptiveness to an otherwise unpleasant procedure.

Understanding the importance of oral hygiene at a young age

Benefits of Early Care & Protection

Many adults develop a fear of going to the dentist because of unpleasant and traumatic experiences during childhood.

Usually, a child’s first visit to the dentist involves the removal of a painful tooth decay. The child experiences discomfort during treatment in the bid to help him, and this process is the beginning of associating dental visits with fear and apprehension.

In order to help your child readily accept dental visit or procedures that are sometimes unpleasant, we recommend that parents help ease them into the visits by making them fun and enjoyable. At T32, our dentists and staff are professionally trained to help with the easing process to make it easier for parents and children.

Having said that, it is also much cheaper and healthier to have regular, early care for your child’s teeth.

Treatment Process

We have a “Toy Story” treatment room for boys and a “Disney Princess” treatment room for girls. Both are brightly painted and decorated with decals from your child’s favourite cartoons. Both rooms come with ceiling mounted televisions to keep the young ones occupied during treatment. They can choose from a selection of DVDs of the latest in kids’ entertainment.

The dentist will examine your child’s teeth for cavities and gum problems and recommend the appropriate treatment. If all is well, a simple dental cleaning will be done, followed by a fluoride application in decay prone children.

Children's Dentistry Financing

Parents of children 6 years old and below can utilise funds in their child’s Child Development Account (CDA) or “Baby Bonus” account to help defray the cost of treatment.

We encourage you to speak with our dentist for a consultation to find out more about the dental treatments available for your condition, price ranges and other fees applicable.

FAQs on Children's Dentistry

When should I bring my child for his first dental check-up?

The Singapore Paediatric Dentistry Society and American and British Paediatric Dentistry Associations recommend that you bring your child for a check-up before his first birthday to help get him get acclimatised to the dental setting.

Why are baby teeth important? They will eventually fall out anyway.

A child’s primary teeth are important for feeding, speech development and to hold the spaces for the succeeding adult teeth. It is highly recommended that they are kept until the succeeding adult teeth are ready to erupt to replace them.

An adult tooth is growing behind the baby tooth and the baby tooth is shaky. What should I do?

It is normal for adult teeth to grow ‘behind’ the primary tooth. As it erupts, it causes the disintegration of the root of the primary tooth. The primary tooth will start to become shakier and eventually fall off.

T32 Junior Oral Health Programme

As corporate citizen, we believe in supporting the community and nurturing the next generation through our T32 Junior Oral Health Programme. We regularly conduct school excursions and orientations for pre-schoolers to visit our centres to get them comfortable with a dental health environment.

Excursion to T32 Junior Centre

Excursion to T32 Junior Centre

  • Introduction to dentist and dental clinic
  • Understanding of tools used during treatment
  • Elimination of fears by trying out on dental equipment and tools

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

  • Storytelling related to dentistry (The Healthy Smile Series written by T32 Junior Dental Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry Dr Lim Swee Teck)
  • Right brushing techniques
  • Quiz with prizes to recap on what has been taught

Dental Screening

Dental Screening

  • Dental screening via rsvp with doctors to review child’s oral health
  • Oral hygiene instructions for parents
  • Q&A

The Healthy Smile Series (By Dr Lim Swee Teck and Mascot Timmy)

The Healthy Smile Series (By Dr Lim Swee Teck and Mascot Timmy)

Authored by T32’s in-house pedodontist, Dr Lim Swee Teck, The Healthy Smile Series is a set of 12 books that aims to prepare children for their dental visits. The first book of the series, is especially enlightening as it helps ease children into their very first dental experience in a positive light. Lively and educational, these stories not only help children acquire good oral health habits, it also helps to build their confidence and eliminate their fear of seeing dentists and going for dental treatment.

From this series, Timmy the Mascot is created to further engage children during our roadshows and events for kids.

Parent Talk

Parent Talk

  • Parents are important members of their child’s healthcare team: what are the causes and effects of their action.
  • The key to good oral health
  • Communication + understanding to motivate
  • Common scenarios in homes
  • Why is eating sweets such a big problem? How should parents handle it?
  • Prevention is the key: A happy child makes a happy family