The T32 Difference

A Committed Team of Specialist & Dental Surgeons

We are fully committed to being a comprehensive dental practice with specialists and dental surgeons working side by side. Our multi-speciality dental team work together to provide expertise and advanced technique to every procedure so that you and your family can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

One-stop dental destination

By incorporating the advanced technology into our practice, we provide our patients with efficient and uncompromising level of care. Our in-house laboratory facilities and digital dentistry capabilities also allows us to perform complex dental procedures at our centre. In addition, an integrated training centre is available at our premises to foster a culture of lifelong learning where pursuit of advancing skills and continuing education is a priority amongst our dentist, staff and fellow peers in the community.

We fit into your busy lifestyle

With our specialists and dental surgeons working side by side, we have the ability to provide secondary referrals within our network. We ensure that patients receive quality multidisciplinary care where patients have access to specialists and expertise in respective fields. This allows us to offer a single point of service and patient care, allowing the patient journey to be as seamless as possible. You no longer have to make several stops at separate locations to see another specialist or travel to another office to get a scan done.  This holistic approach housed under one roof will save you time and money.